Thank you for visiting my website. I guess you came on this page to find out a couple of things about me. 
I am a serial technology entrepreneur. I graduated in computer science with a specialization in Computer Vision & AI. I am passionate about using technology to create an impact on the world around us. 
I am co-founder and manager at Atta Systems, where I manage a team of 30+ technologists (engineers, designers, managers) and work with companies all over the world. 
I am also co-founder and COO at Medicai, one of the most promising medtech start-ups in the region. Our company improves the digital workflows of doctors, clinics, and hospitals by enabling easy collaboration and fast access to medical data (including medical imaging). 

I have a beautiful family that I am very proud of: my smart and caring wife, Geo, and our intelligent and beautiful little daughter, Mia.
My passions include kitesurfing, freeride skiing, hiking, and photography to capture the best moments in the outdoors.